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The Corona virus is affecting millions of people throughout our planet every week. If you are the owner of a pharmaceutical business, your priority is to research and develop either vaccines that can combat this deadly disease or manufacture tablets that boost the immunity of people. If you are not in this sector, you can develop live saving devices such as respirators. You will be surprised to know that more and more companies are nowadays developing sophisticated live-saving machines to counter the threat posed by the COVID19. It might be something as small as an oxygen meter (a clip like unit with a LED display that is attached on the index finger to provide information about the volume of oxygen in the blood of a person), or something as large as a respirator. However, it is extremely important to protect the working area from fine particulates of dust. In such circumstances, you need the help of dedicated dust extraction systems.

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What are dust collection systems?

The industrial dust collector comprises of an air pollution control equipment that is used in warehouses, plants, factories, and other commercial and industrial settings to meet workplace and environmental safety requirements. Effective dust collection systems remove, control, and reduce potentially harmful particulate fumes and matter released from gases from a manufacturing process or the air as well as the surrounding environment during manufacturing and production. The gadget is designed specifically to filter and purify fine particulate contaminant matter and hazardous dust released into the atmosphere or work environment to maintain as well as improve air quality.

Industry dependant

Different types of industries release different types of pollutants. Hence, the design of the industrial dust collector is specific to the method of extraction required for each industry. These systems work by sucking particulates and dust from the air via a filter that first traps and separates the matter, and then emits purified air back into the environment or workplace. The purpose of each dust collector is basically identical -- to filter, separate, and capture particulate matter and dust and release purified air.

Different industries that use dust separators

The collection of dust collection is crucial to different industrial sectors such as chemical processing, mining, metal fabrication, rock and cement products, recycling, pharmaceutical, food processing, agriculture, and woodworking, among many others. Also referred as filter receivers, dust collectors are indispensable parts of treating systems in numerous size reduction and thermal applications like receivers for pneumatic conveying. The type of dust collector you will use depends on your industry. Here are the details of the different types of dust collectors.

- Shaker dust collectors

- Pulse jet dust collectors

- Cartridge collectors

- Cyclone dust collectors

- Electrostatic precipitators

Make sure you purchase a dust collector suitable for your industry

The different types of dust collectors mentioned above are for use in different types of industries. For example, the electrostatic precipitators are employed to separate ash, soot, and dust particles from exhaust gases with the help of static electricity. Contact a reputable company that manufactures dust collectors and discuss with them about the best system for your specific industry.